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  • McVities Mini Chedders

    • Mini Cheddars BBQ 30x50g

    • Mini Cheddars Original Crinkleys 30x50g

    • Mini Cheddars S/V Crinkley 30x50g

    • Mini Chedders C/O Crinkley 30x50g

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  • Monster Munch

    • Monster Munch Pickeled Onion 30x40g

    • Monster Munch Flaming Hot 30x40g

    • Monster Munch Roast Beef 30x40g

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  • Quavers

    • Quavers Cheese Std 48x25.6g

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  • Sensations

    • Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli 32x40g

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  • Walkers

    • Walkers Ready Salted 48x34.5g

    • Walkers Cheese & Onion 48x34.5g

    • Walkers Salt Vinegar 48x34.5g

    • Walkers Prawn Cocktail 48x34.5g

    • Walkers Roast Chicken 48x34.5g

    • Walkers Smokey Bacon 48x34.5g

    • Walkers Worcester Sauce 48x34.5g

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  • Walkers Big Eat

    • Cheese & Onion 32x60g

    • Ready Salted 32x60g

    • Salt & Vinegar 32x60g

    • Prawn Cocktail 32x60g

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  • Walkers Max

    • Walkers Max Cheese & Onion 40x50g

    • Walkers Max Steak 40x50g

    • Walkers Max Paprika 40x50g

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  • Doritos - NO VAT

    • Doritos Chilli 40x40g

    • Doritos Cool 40x40g

    • Doritos Tangy Cheese 40x40g

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  • Hula Hoops

    • Hula Hoops BBQ 48x34g

    • Hula Hoops Cheese & Onion 48x34g

    • Hula Hoops Original 48x34g

    • Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar 48x34g

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  • Burts Hand Cooked Chips

    • Burts Thai Sweet Chilli 20x40g

    • Burts Sea Salt 20x40g

    • Burts Vintage Chedder & Spring Onion 20x40g

    • Burts Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar 20x40g

    • Burts Sea Salt & Crushed Peppercorns 20x40g

    • Burts Spicy Chorizo 20x40g

    • Burts Firecracker Lobster 20x40g

    • Guiness Orignal 20x40g

    • Guiness Rich Beef Chilli 20x40g

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  • McCoys

    • McCoys Bacon 30x50g

    • McCoys Cheddar & Onion 30x50g

    • McCoys Flamed Grilled Steak 30x50g

    • McCoys King Prawn 30x50g

    • McCoys Oriental Rib 30x50g

    • McCoys Mexican Chilli 30x50g

    • McCoys Salted 30x50g

    • McCoys Salt & Vinegar 30x50g

    • McCoys Thai Sweet Chicken 30x50g

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